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-Between $10-$20 per month subscription/annual contract

  • $ paid per month=% customer saves per job on labor
  • 10% of savings per job donated to Roadrunner Food Bank
  • i.e. $3,500 job with a $20 subscription = customer saves roughly $550 depending on labor, $55 donated to Roadrunner Food Bank

-unique identity cards

-10%-20% off every electrical service referred by card-carrying realtors

-Free electrical estimates delivered within 48 hours, work usually done within 1-2 weeks depending on utility coordination if necessary

-Every estimate and invoice highlight the percentage saved due to the individual realtor and qualifying broker

 -Every job done is posted to social media with a picture of the job, amount saved, and the realtor/qualifying broker

 -A list of participating realtors listed on www.eesyfix.com

 -One email blast per month with an electrical tutorial covering current codes and topics related to realtor home and business sale topics/issues

 -After every 10th electrical job, the realtor will receive a check for 10% of net income for referred jobs using their unique code.

  • Example: refer approximately $10,000 in net income-business (after 20% discount) to reimburse the full $240 yearly subscription ($20 per month)!

​For a list of residential services click this link  http://eesyfix.com/residential/

​For a list of commercial services click this link  http://eesyfix.com/commercial/